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Ilya Zilberberg was born in 1935 in Odessa (the former Soviet Union, now the Ukraine). In 1939 his family moved to Moscow where he lived, studied and worked as an industrial designer until his emigration in 1971, with his wife and two children to England.

He discovered anthroposophy in Russia eight years prior to this and his first major decision in England was an anthroposophical one – to give the children a Waldorf Education at Michael Hall Steiner School in Forest Row, East Sussex, which defined the family’s place of residence.

On English soil he also changed his occupation from technology to humanities by becoming a senior lecturer in Russian and Soviet Studies at Portsmouth University, which he did for fifteen years. He then worked for three years at a biodynamic farm managing their financial and organisational affairs. He also worked as a freelance translator/interpreter and a Russian language teacher.

As for his non-professional activities, apart from giving occasional lectures and talks, he was writing, both in Russian and English, on various subjects. Some of his writings are placed in full on this website and others are just mentioned here. There is one achievement in his life for which, though it is shared, he would like to claim some credit – his sixtieth marriage anniversary in 2019.



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  1. Thank you so much for posting your beautiful writing. It is very helpful to me in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee, USA, during this time of pandemic lockdown. : )

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