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Dear Readers,

Though the content of this website is primarily anthroposophical, I hope that those unfamiliar with anthroposophy won’t be lost here. Especially if they read my main work Concerning the History of the Anthroposophical Movement

All my materials (see CONTENTS) are prefaced by a few words which give some background details, while the whole website is presented by A Word of Introduction (see link below). May I humbly suggest to you to look at it first, before going to the thematic articles.

Not because it provides some guidance or there is a direct connection. Rather it is a completely independent piece written in a personal, almost intimate style to which the Western reader may not be accustomed. And it was not written for this website, but was borrowed and translated from my Russian book Anthroposophy and Life – Personal Experience published in Moscow in 2012 (an English synopsis of the book is also on this website).

I decided to put it here in the hope that it might influence the reader in one particular direction – to relate more personally both to the site’s content and to its author. This is very important to me. My aspiration was to have a conversation with my readers and not a one-way traffic of monologues. Alas, our destiny often overrules our intentions, and I am not sure whether I will be able to be present on my website in person to receive the thoughts or questions the readers might have and to respond to them. Therefore, in case a direct conversation may not be possible, I thought that A Word of Introduction might go some way towards mutuality.

But for those readers who still wish to leave a comment or to communicate with one another on the subject, there is the possibility to do so for each article by clicking ‘Comments’.