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  1. Christopher garvey says:

    A beautiful, practical way to approach the mystery of Christ consciousness!

  2. john harris says:

    hello Ilya-Hopefully your son Vladimir has communicated some of my thinking and comments, which seem to dovetail with many your own. As we get older events increasingly exhibit synchronicity and our thinking seems to manifest this principle. Many of your ideas about ‘viewpoints’ , opinions and assumptions resound with my own ‘social media’ discussions, which are my defacto ‘ websites.’ For my purposes I find this ‘format’ appropriate. Like sand-painting, the thoughts are expressed only to be ‘washed away’ by the rhythmic etheric tides, and returned to the anonymous ‘sea of spirit being.’blessed with the good fortune of love and family,and ‘studied’ spiritual sciences for many years. Simultaneously, I have struggled with deep-seated personal demons

    • Iiya Zilberberg says:

      Thank you John. Yes, my son has forwarded to me your request to post my Word of Introduction on your group’s page. You are most welcome to do this but please refer to its source, i.e. my website. Concerning other matters I think it would be better to talk about them privately rather than via this website. I’ll write to you.

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