The Threefold Social Order

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  1. Christopher garvey says:

    The quotation you give where the author makes the observation of the Jewish people being ongoing witnesses to the Crucifixion of Christ is extremely interesting. It makes sense in a world grown so materialistic that this dear people become the conscience bearers for the whole human race.
    And together with the prophetic faculty this bearing witness to world conscience may make the Jewish people more readily open to experience Christ in his 2nd coming?
    Certainly we are faced with a world-historic mystery.

    • Ilya Zilberberg says:

      I’ve heard of another similar observation, by one of the Popes, but unfortunately was unable to trace it, who, you can call it paradoxical, while supporting the persecution of the Jews warned against killing them as them being the only witnesses of the Christ event. As to the Jewish people coming to Christ now, through meeting Him either in the physical or etheric world, this is another great mystery of the Jewish people and their destiny (we shouldn’t forget that part of it was to reject Christ so that He could be accessible to other nations).

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